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Digital Marketing Near-Shoring: an Option to Boost Higher Ed Enrollment

It is estimated that 40% of incoming freshmen at four-year colleges are most likely not attending classes this fall (SimpsonScarborough), and higher education...

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Why Most Fail to Optimize Digital Advertising Campaigns - And How to Really Succeed

In digital advertising, everyone talks about optimization. As the economy shrinks but our goals don’t, achieving better results by becoming more efficient becomes an...

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The Challenges of High-Volume Lead Generation in Higher Education

How can a higher education institution achieve extraordinary results in an increasingly competitive environment? How should your institution optimize digital campaigns...

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3 Key Steps to Optimize the Potential Student’s Journey and Increase Enrollment

According to Gartner and Forrester research, by 2020, >80% of the buyer's journey will occur without direct interaction between people.

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The New Digital Demand Generation Model for Higher Education

According to Forrester, the fundamental purpose of digital transformation is to reimagine a completely different business model that places technology at its center....

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