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The Strategic Advantage of a Nearshore Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

With experienced Latin American marketers at the helm, your campaigns are not just managed — they're supercharged. Discover how their expertise turns challenges into success opportunities for your company.

By Jorge A. Ayala Rascón
July 26, 2023

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With experienced Latin American marketers at the helm, your campaigns are not just managed — they're supercharged. Discover how their expertise turns challenges into success opportunities for your company.

Working with an experienced nearshore digital marketer based in Latin America could be a game-changer for your company. In this article, we explore the remarkable expertise Latin American professional marketers boast in planning, forecasting, launching, executing, and managing successful campaigns, delivering tangible results while meticulously taking care of tight budgets.

In today's digital marketing landscape, increasing focus on data-driven decision-making has championed businesses' approach to achieve solid results in looking after their budget and return on investment (ROI).

On that note, understanding the critical role highly skilled, thoroughly experienced nearshore marketers play in cost-effectiveness and time-zone alignment or, more importantly, in efficiently executing data analysis, Paid Media, SEO, and Omnichannel – along with other forms of online marketing – it's essential in catering to your bottom line.

In recent years, the rise of nearshore digital marketing has emerged as a significant trend, offering a host of benefits for North American businesses. This strategy has gained traction due to its capability of delivering high-quality work at a reduced cost while maintaining cultural alignment and mitigating communication challenges.

Therefore, companies can expect the same level of excellence by tapping into the top 5% of bilingual digital marketing talent in Latin America at a fraction of the cost as their American counterparts. 
If you're interested in or considering going nearshore to assemble a digital marketing team of vetted professionals or even incorporating a single top marketer from Latin America into your existing organization, this series of articles might be just what you need to make the plunge.


Meet Yuri – Senior Digital Marketer & Data Analyst

Currently, more than 5 billion people are active on the internet. Of this pool, around 71% of online buyers begin their research on a search engine, and this year, an estimated 90% of Americans are expected to buy goods and services online. Through this picture, It’s easy to comprehend why having a professional behind the assortment of ongoing online efforts is a good investment.

With sixteen years in the digital marketing industry, Yuri can attest to this statement as a highly qualified, experienced, and Google-certified Senior digital marketer who has been exposed to the many intricacies of internet advertising since the very beginning. 

"I've been certified by Google since 2007," Yuri tells us while we point out that he has seen empires rise, fall, and rise again! "From Google Analytics to Adwords (now officially known as Google Ads), Tag Manager [...] every course Google has a certificate for, I got it."

Boasting substantial knowledge and profound technical proficiency, Yuri has digitally been across the globe, working for various companies in multiple sectors, from China to the Netherlands, Canada, and the US.
“Once you understand platforms, operations, numbers, the rationale behind results and all that, you start getting into the business intelligence side of things with all the information you receive from each platform, enabling you to make accurate, informed decisions,” which will cater to any company’s best interests.

And the journey to get where he is now is as interesting as watching a hero’s journey at the movies.

The Art and Form of a Senior Marketer's Success

Currently, Yuri is the marketing and online architecture mastermind supporting a multifaceted non-profit based in Washington State. Quite a challenging project with eight different business units under the same roof that is looking to boost its many initiatives’ online presence through SEO, Paid Media, and Web Optimization.

"[Of other types of projects] this one is more complex,” Yuri explains. “My main objective is to lift the entire digital structure, kickstart and run all the platforms needed for the multiple business units operation, bring them awareness, and begin to place them in the digital landscape in a way they can comprehensively attest to their growth.”  

Having so many flanks to cover, “it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information,” as Yuri would say. However, his management skills allow him to monitor closely the myriad of tasks to complete. 

“By itemizing the scope of work and categorizing into opportunity areas” – email marketing falling in ‘Awareness,’ optimizing websites in ‘Tracking & Optimization’ and so on, tackling an eight-limbed behemoth becomes manageable, at least for someone with the ability to do so, like Yuri.


Mastering the Essentials and Beyond – A Global Journey Toward Absolute Expertise

Online buyers are a diverse group. They come from all walks of life and all age groups. However, understanding the data behind it is a game-changing attribute for any company looking for tangible results.

For example, how can a company in China, selling a wide assortment of products from smart lightbulbs to thermal sensors and CCTV cameras, open its way into de American market, where there's an already saturated offer for whatever niche one could imagine?

Well, by scrutinizing every detail of a target demographic, of course. "I was part of a team of people here in Monterrey, China, and the Netherlands, [the latter] being the international salesforce in Europe." Yuri recounts the challenging experience.

After mounting, forecasting, and launching the initiative, Yuri and the team encountered a roadblock. "Their project was a-ok, but they had this widely diverse product catalog, a competitor for each of them, and all the American territory to cover," moment in which the business intelligence side of the senior marketer kicked in.

So, by analyzing the consumer trends in key market pools, the team noticed something. "In the East Coast, specifically the New York State area, CCTVs were the thing. Meanwhile, "in the West Coast, around the Los Angeles area, humidity sensors, light dimmers, and smart lightbulbs were going strong."

Then a wild card showed up. "But in Texas, there was a little bit of everything! Particularly CCTVs and sensors". So the best course of action was to meticulously adjust every active campaign to target the specific regions where each product would sell best. 

And it did. Budgets were precisely allocated and stretched out, products were properly advertised to generate quality leads, and the business had a chance to thrive in the US market – cementing the importance of strategic data analysis while setting up and running any successful campaign.

Setting Landmarks Along the Way – Overcoming The Toughest Challenges

As the Roman philosopher Seneca would say, "A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials," there's no Senior Digital Marketer without the proper heavy baggage of hard challenges conquered.

And as Yuri would jokingly put it, "I don't want to [brag], but after so many projects and initiatives, I've managed to garner a higher level of digital marketing." Even though his humility, his profound expertise in every stage of the process is palpable. "Whatever monkey wrench is thrown at my table, I'm in a position where I'm able to design any workflow and plan accordingly. No matter the situation," to achieve results that meet expectations.

From data analysis to budget adjustment and long-term funnel building, these are the reasons why Yuri was appointed to the monumental task of leading the digital front of his current project – the megalodon non-profit and its copious business units.

"The first challenge here concerns [the business units] volume," he surmises. "There are eight completely different product and service offerings and counting [under a single initiative]. Some are more developed than others," so depending on the stage each of them is, a specific set of actions needs to take place to coordinate and sustain.

But that's not all. "Itself, the non-profit is in a quite particular niche, and the brothered units follow suit. Nonetheless, these [branches] offer diversified products that compete with other businesses solely focused on one thing," Yuri dissects. 

Now, "the second challenge I see is that once everything is up and running, keeping it up and optimizing processes will be interesting because it demands discipline, a precise scope of work, planning, and quick yet educated reactions."



With his experience functioning as a magnifying glass, Yuri identifies these two factors as the more challenging to surpass. However, "other issues will arise along the way," he adds. "But if our funnel [building] is A-grade, [...] and we manage to solve this equation, I don't think anyone can defeat us [without putting a fight] in the marketplace.

But how does he know that to such a degree of certainty? Let’s just say this is not Yuri’s first rodeo – he has many great stories to tell! We might share them with you in a follow-up article because it’s really good.

Strategizing Success – The Advantage Nearshore Senior Digital Marketers Offer to Your BUSINESS

As the vast, ever-evolving digital marketing influence continues to expand – for example, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalized experiences – navigating it can be daunting. However, going nearshore presents a viable solution that combines cost-effectiveness, specialized talent, and professionals like Yuri in every field.

For North American companies, the advantages are even more pronounced. Nearshoring eliminates time zone challenges, reduces language barriers, and allows for closer cultural alignment. It's an opportunity to tap into a pool of innovative digital marketers who understand your market and can deliver strategies tailored to your audience.

The in-house vs. nearshore debate isn't about choosing the cheapest option but the most strategic one. The right choice can propel your online presence, boost brand recognition, and drive your business growth.

Whether you run a start-up, a small, or a large business, don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like someone like Yuri on your digital marketing team. We can schedule a 30-minute call to bounce some ideas and find a solution best suited to your needs.

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