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Why Your Marketing Agency’s Clients Will Love Your Nearshored Marketing Team

Given that the US has achieved digital marketing maturity, organizations have higher expectations, urging individual marketers to have the proper technical expertise and skills to succeed. To better understand why many US companies are nearshoring Latin American marketers, we interviewed Sandra, one of our talented remote Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialists, who has been instrumental in the success...

By Guillermo Rodríguez
July 3, 2023

Businesses can ensure their emails are sent out regularly and effectively by working with a professional marketing team.

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Given that the US has achieved digital marketing maturity, organizations have higher expectations, urging individual marketers to have the proper technical expertise and skills to succeed. To better understand why many US companies are nearshoring Latin American marketers, we interviewed Sandra, one of our talented remote Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialists, who has been instrumental in the success of one of the most accomplished Houston-based digital marketing agencies.

In an industry expected to gross over $200 billion by 2025 in the United States alone, one of the most common ailments companies and advertising agencies alike go through in online marketing is, in short, marketer reliability

In other words, having confidence in people's talent, experience, skills, and long-term commitment in managing and executing campaigns (i.e., advertising, social, e-mail, SEO, etc.) is the critical concern we've encountered over the years by offering nearshored staffing solutions for clients in North America.

Given that the US has achieved a digital marketing maturity superior to the rest of the world, many businesses have relevant experience and knowledge. This makes it easier for digital marketing agencies to communicate and better understand their needs. However, this also translates to higher expectations, making it challenging to meet their demands, urging individual marketers to acquire the proper technical expertise and skills to succeed. 

 This is where nearshoring comes in. By tapping into the top 10% of bilingual digital marketing talent in Latin America, companies can expect the same level of excellence at a fraction of the cost as their American counterparts. 

So, by interviewing members of our talented network of marketers that are working right now with US-based companies from their remote offices in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, we want to give a comprehensive overview of how they are, as nearshored staffers, standing out in their roles while delivering successful results that have exceeded our client's expectations, whether it is agencies, businesses or start-ups.




If you're interested in or considering going nearshore to assemble a digital marketing team of vetted professionals or even incorporating a single top marketer from Latin America into your existing organization, this article might be just what you need to make the plunge.


Meet Susana – PPC Advertising Specialist

Considering that the average ROI for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns is 250%, which translates to yieldings of approximately $2.50 for every dollar spent, having a specialist managing and executing tailored ads for search engines, display and social media is a must.

With only three years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Norma is a highly accomplished and results-driven Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google-certified Advertising Specialist working with one of the field's most successful agencies out of Houston, Texas.

"Whatever campaign it is we're launching and optimizing for", Norma told us in our conversation, "what we strive for is excellence in every possible avenue. We just try to do things right, and the results speak for themselves", she continues.

Boasting a proven track record of success across various sectors, she has consistently demonstrated the ability to create and manage high-performing PPC campaigns that satisfy the agency's clients' demands and beyond. "How?" you say. Well…


Experience and Expertise – A Jack of All Trades and an Actual Master of One

Mainly working for US companies in the financial sector through the advertising agency's clients, Norma has built a great reputation within the team as a PPC expert, where her proficiency in platforms like Google Ads, SEMRush, TapClicks, SimilarWeb, and more – tightened up with her sensibility to understand data and what's influencing market trends at the moment – has been instrumental.

Her deep understanding of Google's Search and Shopping campaigns' intricacies, and her ability to navigate these platforms, have enabled her to create highly effective targeted advertising strategies.

"Right now, we have [at the agency] about ten to twelve clients who are mostly credit union accounts", Norma points out, "so this presented a steep learning curve about the US finance sector to understand not only the lexicon and the basics of the industry but also the market behavior, from the consumer standpoint, to thoroughly determine the better sales and communication angles that should be in our ad campaigns", she wraps up.

Even though Norma's stronghold is in the more technical aspect of campaign management – keyword researching, conversion rate performance, cost-per-click rationale, you name it – she's also developed a knack for copywriting and organic content creation, making her a self-sufficient, well-rounded digital marketer working at the same business hours as their American counterparts from her home office in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

"One aspect that they [the agency] try to be very clear on is strengthening and diversifying our knowledge and abilities", Susana says. "Also, everybody lends a hand when needed, and I'm also a part of the digital [content] team, so occasionally, I pitch in some copy for social media or SEO content".




Timezone Alignment – Seamless Collaboration and Real-Time Communication

Without the need of having to brief her on something she might've missed out on given timezone differences – she's actually the early bird, with one hour ahead –, one of the most significant advantages for North American companies of nearshoring someone like Susana is, precisely, the minimal time difference between parties.

"We have a lot of meetings", which she's a part of, "either with the internal teams or with our clients". And by saying she's in for the early-bird special, we mean it! "Every Monday at 7:00 am", Mexico timezone, "we have our updates session".

During it, "I sip my first cup of coffee and take in whatever news and events are going on in the US regarding our market that may influence our current campaigns", the moment Norma and the team start to plan the following steps for the week.

This collaboration and real-time communication calls for no odd hours or faces no long delays in response times, enabling high productivity and efficiency while ensuring that projects run smoothly to be completed on schedule. This leads us to...


Adaptability – Staying Ahead of the Curve in a Fast-Changing Landscape

In digital marketing’s ever-evolving realm, staying updated with the industry’s best practices is essential for success. As such, Susana makes sure to continuously educate herself on new developments, like applying to new Google’s certified programs – so far, she's a proud Display, Video, and Shopping Ads Google marketer – or exploring new grounds that could be beneficial for her development, like the HubSpot's suite.

“I'm getting into a more familiar territory with HubSpot at the moment”, Norma states. "It's not my area of expertise, but [being proficient in other areas besides her own] is something that's sought after and valued here".

Susana and many other nearshore professionals like her are a testament to why Latin America has become one of the go-to places for North American businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing teams.


Knowledge – The Engineering Behind Complex Problem Solving

Susana's knowledgeable approach to PPC advertising and expertise in digital marketing has enabled her to find practical solutions for some hard pickles thrown at her table. The biggest challenge so far?

“[Before me], nobody was carrying out this job specifically. There was just this one person in charge of [Google] Search, Display, and LinkedIn campaigns going crazy!”, trying to catch up with everything all at once, as we can imagine.

“As a result, some [of the agency’s] clients have gone through their entire yearly budget while others were sitting on half of it”, Susana recalls as she explains that this happened sometime during Q4 of 2022.

“Some were spending all year on keyword positioning without generating any conversion”, she continues, “and I genuinely panicked a bit”. When she contacted her team to raise the flag about the situation, even her superiors were surprised.

“They told me that they haven’t had the time to go through each campaign to keep them in their best shape”. So, in record time, she devised a budget allocation and revamping plan for each active campaign for the rest of the year.  

This implied lowering or boosting the ad spend, reviewing each keyword and search term to ensure the ads showed up where they needed to, and rewriting a considerable amount of low-scoring copy in Google’s scale.

“Many of them weren’t matching up with what was displayed on landing pages or even product offerings”. She recounts that, in some cases, the information available for the audience was outright inaccurate “because it was months outdated!”.

After completing that immense task, Susana is actually kind of thankful that it happened. “It helped me to keep my eyesight sharp on everything, gaining full control of my processes, and ensuring that we’re generating quality conversions each time”.




And to do so, she even had a few tricks up her sleeve…

Cultural Background – Bridging the Gap Between Markets

Susana's approach has been instrumental in helping reach campaign goals successfully for the agency's clients she works with, where a portion of the target audience happens to be Spanish-speaking Hispanics or Latinos for whom English might not be the go-to language, carefully taking into consideration the cultural background of both markets.

To put it in perspective, one of these clients is a company run entirely by Latinos for Latinos. "For this particular account, we launch campaigns both in English and Spanish", she continues, where "we really get involved through and through [in the content and promotional material production] as native speakers, not only for the digital front. So I think that has helped a lot", Norma surmises.

"There have been times in which [copy] translations were done crudely in Google Translate, and we [noticing the oddness of the phrasing] would say something like 'yeah... that's not the proper usage' or 'we simply don't talk like that! No one will understand this", she tells us to illustrate how a multicultural approach to team assembling can go a long way in good marketing.

This cultural understanding has allowed Norma to craft ad messages that resonate with local audiences while maintaining the brand identity, and by leveraging this cultural insight, some of these clients have been able to reach and appeal their intended audiences better. Old and new. 

And speaking of cultural exchange. Or, more specifically, culture integration…


Building Strong Relationships – Fostering Long-Term Partnerships

Companies can build strong relationships with their partners when nearshoring their digital marketing teams to Latin American countries. The proximity and timezone alignment encourage frequent communication and collaboration, fostering a sense of trust. 

These relationships can lead to long-term partnerships, ensuring the marketing efforts remain consistent and aligned with the business goals. This has been a particularly welcomed plus for Susana and the agency she’s been a part of for almost a year now.

“Around a month and a half ago, I was invited to [the headquarters in] Houston, which was very cool,” Norma exemplifies her integration experience working with the advertising agency so far. “They were showing me around, and I even got to play with a couple of puppies they foster for relaxation time!” which indeed is a win in our books. 

“But, mostly, we spent time talking about how things are for us [In Mexico] and vice versa,” getting to know each other as remote co-workers and like-minded individuals chasing the same objectives and thriving for the same goals.


Going Nearshore – A Competitive, Affordable, and Well-Rounded Solution

With all that’s been said, there’s a compelling case to try nearshoring for any US or Canada-based business, agency, or start-up looking for reliable marketing specialists to take care of their online endeavors.

Beyond the well-known benefits of offshoring to close countries – operations or staffing – as Susana would say: “Though we come from different backgrounds, I believe that sole factor is a game changer.” But, more importantly, “as we share knowledge, we share to innovate,” integrating new ideas and approaches to make the most out of any project. That’s for sure. 

Whether you run an advertising agency, a business, or a start-up, don't hesitate to reach out if you’d like to have someone like Susana on your digital marketing team. We can schedule a 30-minute call to bounce some ideas and find a solution best suited to your needs.


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